Music Game Sales Down 46%

According to NPD analyst Anita Frazier—and really, she'd know—sales of music games in 2009 are, to date, down 46% from where they were last year.

But it's not all klaxons and panic stations for the likes of Rock Band, Guitar Hero and SingStar. "While sales of this genre are down 46% year-to-date", Frazier says, "unit sales are down much less because lower prices are playing into the dollar sales decline. It's still the third best-selling genre for the year after General Action and Multiple/Other Sports (where Wii Fit resides)."

I wonder what else is on the NPD Group's genre list. Contact Sports, Driving (Open-top vehicles only), Zombie Paradise Action and Real-Time Female Kitchen Management Simulation?


    How many music games have even been released this year? I'm sure with Beatles and GH5 the figures will magically go through the roof again...

      I checked wikipedia, there's 9 games listed as released in 2009.

      I feel that they are really overdoing it, releasing so much so fast. As critics say, they're oversaturating it.

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