Naruto Clash 3 Preorder Has A Nice Ring To It

If you recognise this thumb ring, then you should probably preorder Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 from GameStop.

The Sasori Akatsuki thumb ring is one of two separate exclusives that GameStop is featuring for the November release of Clash of Ninja Revolution 3, available to anyone who preorders the regular $US39.99 version of the game online or in-store. Fans that'd rather pass on the bling can opt for a special limited edition bundle of the game and a DVD of Naruto Shippuden The Movie for $US10 over regular retail price.

"We are thrilled to offer consumers two fantastic value options when purchasing our game this holiday season," said Laura Yoshioka, director of consumer software at TOMY Corporation. "By offering a highly collectable Sasori ring as a pre-sell item for the standard version of the game, and including such a highly-anticipated movie DVD in our first ever Clash of Ninja limited edition, our goal was to offer Naruto fans a tremendous opportunity to add to their Naruto collection whatever their budget allowed."

Looking over the GameStop website, it does look like the ring is exclusive to the normal edition, not available with a preorder for the limited edition, so make your decision wisely!


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