Need For Speed: Shift—The True Driver's Experience

Need for Speed Shift drifts its way onto store shelves this week, and the official trailer shows up what to expect from EA's more realistic take on the classic racing series.

I don't even drive this realistically in real life.


    i wonder how much all those 9.0's cost EA??

    3 9's in a row? you know, upside down, thats 666. ooo satanic EA!

    In all seriousness though, this new trailer has completely blown me away, this looks like an awesome console racing experience. Can't wait to get some play time with it.
    There is nothing i love more than a racing game that actually FEELS fast (ie burnout), and this looks to be one of those games!

    I love how to show off the "mind-blowing visuals", they don't show off the graphically impressive cockpit, but the lens-flare, which has been around since Halo:CE.

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