New AMD Graphics Card Runs Six Screens At Once

Completely pointless from a consumer standpoint, we know, but then, we also know this kind of stuff is cool regardless; witness one of AMD's new DirectX 11 graphics cards running a game on six monitors.

The technology is called "Eyefinity", and allows users to combine several monitors and have the card output to them as though it were a single display. A jumbotron in your office, if you will.

Eyefinity is able to run on a single GPU, and this example pictured combines six 30-inch Dell monitors into a single display running at...wait for it...7680x4800.

AMD's Eyefinity Graphics Card Drives Six 30-Inch Monitors At Once [Gizmodo]


    Yeah its nice to watch but i wouldnt actually play a game like that. Too many lines cutting into my screen :P

    Ive never understood nor liked multiple screens unless its a driving simulator where you have a screen for each window. I hate the break between screens. My 32" is enough.

    Im waiting for DX11 cards though, decided not to get a 4870 and wait.

    7680x4800 jesus what are they trying to do? What needs those capabilities?... Is there anything that actually RUNS at 4800p? I thought 1080p was okay... but okay

    How does the card deal with the multiple outputs on the back?
    Six HDMI slots?

    Yeah cool, but looks stupid.

    Especially for FPS's & for online.

    HOW MUCH!!!

    holy cow! this is amazing stuff

    single display running at…wait for it…7680×4800.

    No, that would be 7680x3200 as the 30 inch monitors vertical resolution is 1600, so times 2 is 3200 not 4800.

    Screw ATI, just wait for Nvidia. Had just about enough of crazy ATI incompatibilities in games and sharp drops in FPS.

    Now they just need to invent monitors without frames.

      or you could just do it the easy way...
      buy a 60" plasma or lcd screen

        1 projector would probably be big enough for most people anyway, but it could be done. :P

        Also, there are actually some 'tri-monitor' setups available already which have been designed to reduce the split as much as possible.

    I'd buy that

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