New Forza 3 Screens: Antipodean Muscle

Here's some new Forza 3 screens, showcasing some of the cars from Australia's V8 touring car series that have found their way into the game. Think NASCAR, only they turn left and right.


    Though I honestly have very little interest in V8 Supercars, it always fills me with a little bit of pride to see local cars in international games..

    Does this mean they will have most of the tracks???

      Earlier post suggested No. Lets just hope for DLC???

      According to a post earlier today, there are no local/Aussie tracks for them unfortunately.

    Are these actually "screens"?

    The clean lines on these images strongly indicate these shots were rendered at least 4x game resolution, then sampled down. More likely, 8x.

    Not only do they turn left AND right, they also use brakes!

    I dont think anyone has said NASCAR driving is hard. Im sure it isnt.
    But I think you Americans need to sit down and watch some Aussie V8 Supercars. Then youll appreciate that NASCAR isnt in the same league.

    Much like American football is pale in comparison to Aussie Rules Football and Rugby.
    Seriously. . . padding and shiny spandex? You Americans are a strange bunch.

      I'm not a fan of nascar by any means, but you have no idea what you're talking about if you don't comprehend how difficult and dangerous drafting the car in front of you by a few centimetres at 300kph is.

        Thats try drafting the car in front of you by a few centimetres at 300kph whilst turning left, right AND braking

        Anybody who thinks NASCAR is easy should get off of their lounge chairs and try it. They have no idea what they are talking about.

        As for James's comment, V8 Supercars haven't actually reached 300km/h for years. They reach about 298 at one place, on one track (Conrod, Bathurst.) NASCARs go well above 300km/h for a good portion of most races, and the likelihood of dying in a crash is infinitely higher.

        NASCAR and V8 Supercars should never be compared to one another, they are not the same, not even similar. Different technology, different racing, different everything. All you need to do is listen to Marcos Ambrose whenever some one has asked him. He's driven both.

        Comparing NASCAR to V8 Supercars, is like comparing and an apple to an orange.

      I understand saying that Rugby is a tougher sport than American Football, but Aussie Rules? Uhm... Errr.. No.

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