New Gran Turismo 5 Clip Takes A Ferrari For A Spin

No in-game footage here, sadly, but still, it's a treat for the eyes. The day when pre-rendered sequences in racing games become indistinguishable from actual footage is drawing very, very near.

Gran Turismo 5 at


    lol. So we have Polyphony releasing a fake video of this car, while Turn 10 have released an ingame one, both on the same day? (I have no idea which came first)

    Kind of shows what the companies stand for; Polyphony is all show and appearances, while Turn 10 are actually willing to cough up the goods...

      What a ridiculous statement. Polyphony have the runs on the board - they've been "coughing up the goods" for over a decade. There's been ingame footage of GT5 available for ages if you bothered to look. Take your fanboy bullshit elsewhere.

        LOL. That sounds like you are being a bit of a fan boy. Anyway I would like to see some more in game stuff from gt5. I want to see how the cars are looking in game at the moment, after all the tweaking and stuff they have done to the shaders. I can't wait to see it in action Been playing GT2 and there is something disappointing with the cars visually.

    Makes you wonder exactly how much of adverts, for cars as an exmaple, are actually shot live-action with a camera.

    Anyway, looks good!

    Question remains, how good will GT5 actually be. Forza has had plenty of years to get it right with the 360. Not saying Forza 2 was crap - it was a great game itself. But it can only get better and it's on it's second game on the console.

    GT5 hasn't had a game yet released on the PS3 minus Prologue which seemed alright. Being a larger game and making it different but keeping it Gran Turismo, it remains to be seen how the series will turn out today.

    With all the great racing games coming out - Blur, Splitscreen, Need for Speed, Forza 3 & GT5. Plus others i want to play like FUEL - my days of cranking racing games on the PSONE and PS2 may be coming back. Oh did i mention V8 Supercars on Xbox!

      Ah the opinions of the sceptics, sure Forza may look alright now, considering its almost out and they can show all the footage they want.

      But read the what little previews of GT5 existing and everything from graphics, damage and car variety is superb.

    The car is the new ferrari coming out in 2010 or 11 and are you sure at least some of this isn't in game?

    Polyphony are just retarded as far as im concerned, Forza 2 was released and the 3rd developed and ready for release before they can finish one game, that may or may not deliver. Turn 10 at least deliver the good, and deliver it in good time. Regardless though, Forza has the best car mechanics of any racer i've seen out their... it mightn't have the most photo realistic graphics (but its damn well close); but it delivers where it needs to, physics, conditions and a superb online component and intergrated community which I doubt Polyphony will be able to deliver (as good) as Turn 10 over Xbox Live.

    Good things take time to complete. It's good for us Gran Turismo fanboys as prices of PS3 would be around half by the time the game comes out ;)

    As none of the haters read at the end, it says it's a tribute the the Ferrari by the makers of GT, doesn't say it's a promo for the game

    I think you should edit that post, people are saying the game is pre rendered (its not gameplay footage, but it is rendered through the game engine), there is pop in at 2:13 as well..

    If anyone's wondering, the song is by a drum n bass artist called London Elektricity, track's called Just One Second

    The game doesn't look that good huh well this screenshot says otherwise. The only difference is they are not 2 inches from the car.

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