New MAG Trailer

Glad this ends up being a trailer for PS3 multiplayer shooter MAG. For the first five seconds or so, I thought it was a Streets video.

In actuality, it's a nice touch; the trailer features voice-over work done by some of the game's community members and beta testers, giving the clip an air of people power while "movie trailer guy" gets the afternoon off to go play some golf.


    Am I the only one who sees a problem with the 'Chain of Command' style they have adopted for the game?

    I am not going to listen to the orders of somebody who is a higher rank than me just because they have been playing the game longer. Hell no.

      i have the beta and it actually works really well its good

      It works pretty well in Planetside.

      People have a normal rank and then a 'command rank', so you know someone with a high command rank is someone who has been in charge a lot and knows what hes doing.

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