New Mass Effect 2 Screens Are, Well...

Oh dear. I really feel sorry for the person at EA marketing who thought highlighting this woman was a good idea.


    The late 90s! They're BACK!

    Looks like a character The Matrix rejected.

    i saw this on another board but "i had no idea pink was in to video games" dont know who said that but it made me chuckle

    Yuk! I feel as though we should boycott this...

      lol, go on then. Let me know how it plays out.

    Why do people hate this character? I think she's the answer to Liara from the last Mass Effect - aggressive and tough.

    I my women with


    stop kidding yourselves... you'd all bang her in a heartbeat.

      If by "bang" you mean "shoot her in the face", sure.
      I just hope Bioware sees fit to give me the chance to kill her skanky ass in the game...

    Less than a heartbeat. I'm a masochist, I like tough scary women.

    Good to see Mass Effect are bringing more variety to the female characters in video games.

      Is there such a thing as too much variety? =/

        Not when it comes to women.

        Seriously, 90% of the female characters in video games are interchangeable without a single standout feature. Dozens of Lara Croft clones.

        Here's a women who, should you have a sex scene with her, you'll probably need to complete a QTE to survive it.

    She kinda looks like Kanye West's new bitch thats attempting to look like Mystique from Xmen.

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