New Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Highlights Knife Throw Kills

Infinity Ward's latest multiplayer reveal for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 features, according to the developer, "uncut" Capture The Flag mode gameplay. Neat, yes, but there are some newish details revealed for the first time within.

Some you may have heard creep out from recent GameStop and Game Crazy get togethers. Things like thrown Modern Warfare 2's knife kills, featured near the end of the clip. Some, like brilliant-looking blood splatter effects, are definitely better seen not heard.

But if that host migration addition, also seen near the end of the clip, works that well...well, good lord. Looks like when the multiplayer game host drops out, the game won't end or drop players back to the lobby, but quickly—very quickly—find a new host. Perfect for when you're up against an elite group of Sore Losers.

And, you know, that riot shield gameplay doesn't look to shabby either.


    Has anyone heard if the Australian version of this game is going to be edited/cut in any way shape or form to meet our bullshit classification rating?

      Import from the UK.

      What? No.
      We have an issue, but please don't try and sensationalise it.

    More importantly can we be assured that for the xbox and psn versions we can filter the games we join to those in Aus?

      This would be the single greatest addition to the game. No more incessant, twelve year old, American smack-talk during Spring Break... oh and fixing the horrendous lag whilst playing with Americans would be great.

    Yay throwing knives just like golden eye on the n64

    thats pure awesome right there. Great to finally see CTF as a gametype, though the COD4 mod version for CTF is quiet fun. And i'm mistaken the 2 guns used are the SCAR-L and UMP45

      The Scar is correct yes, but that is no UMP, that is more likely an MP5k.


    LOL at the characters sound when the knife stabs him!

    Yeah, COD really needs the filter like Halo 3. You're not always guaranteed to get green bar games with no lag. But at least you have more chances of connecting with Aussie gamers that will at least lead to lag-free games.

    Host migration sounds good. I don't think it will work everytime. Much like it doesn't now. When a host leaves and everyone gets kicked to the lobby, sometimes it will only count to 2 or 3 and a new host will be selected. Sometimes it counts to say 8 and then the lobby closes cause it couldn't migrate. It's probably going to work like that, just in-game.

    I looking forward to this game a lot but my expectations are sinking more and more every trailer or gameplay i see. I mean this looks pretty much like Rainbow Six Vegas to me, just you can run faster and take more damage. Smoother but yeah... at least it doesn't look we're going to be playing Modern Warfare, this looks like Modern Warfare 2. See how it all pans out...

    Either way i'm getting it at launch. Any idea if there will be a midnight launch, in Australia anyway? If only that release date in the video was Australian dating.. only a month away that way!

    i suppose the throwing knife replaces a grenade slot? looks good, the blood effects are a good addition but look watery and i dont like the buzzkill etc messages that come up

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