New Okami Is Coming To The Nintendo DS

Those hoping for a hi-res, hi-def sequel of the PS2 classic Okami, keep hoping. Capcom is making a new Okami, but for the DS.

As predicted by 7-Eleven, your source for Japanese game news leaks, the new issue of Famitsu does feature an article on a new Okami game called Okamiden. That's a snapshot of the article, right there.

Earlier this month, a mysterious (well, now less mysterious) Capcom trademark for "Okamiden" surface.

Okami was developed by Capcom subsidiary Clover Studios, which as since been dissolved. The lead designer and producer founded Platinum Games and are now putting the finishing touches on Bayonetta.

The one player adventure game is scheduled for 2010.

Thanks Amy for the tip!


    Suppose they wanted to reduce the costs of making a sequel, because Okami didn't really sell well.

    As nice as a HD sequel would have been, any Okami is better than no Okami!

    Dammit. I don't own a DS...hopefully this'll make enough money to encourage a 'proper' sequel, though.

    man i hope this doesn't restrict us old DS users and doesn't have DSi functions

    wow. best. news. ever. i nominate DS as having the best library of games ever.

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