New Poster Set Traces The Evolution Of Link

Just up in Club Nintendo's rewards catalog is a three-poster set, one of which depicts the twelve iterations of Link, beginning with the original Legend of Zelda in 1987 continuing through the Phantom Hourglass 20 years later.

The poster is 16.5 by 28.7 inches, accompanied by two 22 by 28 inch promotion posters for Phantom Hourglass and Twilight Princess. They may be redeemed for 350 coins.

Kotaku AU Note: Only in the US Club Nintendo, sadly.

The Legend of Zelda Three-Poster Series [Club Nintendo, thanks Tim]


    "Kotaku AU Note: Only in the US Club Nintendo, sadly."

    NEVER FEAR, FOR THE MERE AMOUNT OF 1000 STARS, WE LUCKY AUSTRALIANS CAN GET...a Wii remote holder...stand...thingy (some plastic that has "Wii" on it)...

    That's fair.
    God bless America...

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