New Risen Trailer — We Swear Famous People Are In This Game

You'd think if a developer shelled out to have Andy Serkis and John Rhys-Davies in their voice cast that they'd make use of the heavy-hitters in their trailer.

But nope. All you get is some guy saying the name of the game right at the end. I guess that's why they call it a "teaser" trailer.

Actually, I'm not as excited about the voices of Serkis and Rhys-Davies as I am about Lena Headey's addition to the cast. I hadn't heard of her 'til 300, but now that she's cast as Cersei Lannister in the upcoming pilot of HBO's Song of Ice and Fire adaptation, I can't get enough of her. (Though I say she was wasted on Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles — wasted!)

Risen is out on PC October 2 and will hit the Xbox 360 sometime early next year.


    Risen is banned in Australia. No release date yet.
    Epic Fail Classification Board.

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