News Of A New Street Fighter Coming From Capcom?

After a certain number, a sequel is foregone conclusion. Rocky IV assured Rocky V. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's 18th baby guaranteed a 19th. So an announcement of an announcement about a possible Street Fighter sequel is not stop-the-presses news.

Still, the Japanese Street Fighter IV official blog promised last week that they'd speak about a sequel this week. The writer came back and instead said something about promising there'd be more concrete information in the near future.

Some take that as confirmation a sequel is in the works. That would not necessarily mean Street Fighter V. It could be Super Street Fighter IV Tournament Turbo Alpha EX or something. Regardless of what it's named, any new game brings up discussion of what characters will or should be included. Which you are free to do now.

Capcom Hints at Street FIghter Sequel [IGN]


    SF3 roster perhaps... Would be cool if they updated SF3 to SF4 graphics and implemented it as kind of a sister game to SF4 so that with online play someone with the original could vs someone with the new game. Unlikely though probably easier just to flesh out a fresh game on its own rather than balancing all that out.

    Either way more street fighter is fine with me :)

      It would be cool i fthey upgraded SF4 quirky and rather dissapointing 3d art to the SF3 hand drawn stuff.

      I said it, theres nothing more beautiful in this world than watching Chun-Li vs Ryu in 2d goodness.

    Dudley please.


    gahhh i just bought sf4 :(

    I'd actually settle for a SF4 update. Just as long as they, y'know, modified the game so it was actually worth playing. Thank god Street Fighter Anniversary Edition is backwards-compatible with the 360. SF3:3S ftw!

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