Next Week On Rock Band: Backspacer

Next week is Pearl Jam week in the Rock Band Music Store, as their brand-new album, Backspacer, is released for the Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Pearl Jam reinvents themselves a bit in Backspacer, their ninth studio album, due out in stores on September 20th. As reported previously, the entire album will be up on the Rock Band Music Store for the Xbox 360 on the same day it hits stores, with the Wii version available on the 22nd and PlayStation 3 owners getting theirs on Thursday the 24th. PS3 and 360 owners can alternately purchase a special version of the CD at Target that comes with a voucher to download the Rock Band tracks.

Aside from Backspacer, there's not much happening in the world of Rock Band next week, aside from two new tracks for Rock Band Unplugged - Megadeth's "Wake Up Dead" and The Fratellis' "Flat Head."

I've yet to purchase a full album for Rock Band. Could Backspacer be the one?


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