Nier Is Now A 360 "Exclusive"?

Looks like Square Enix will be publishing another Xbox 360 "exclusive", with the announcement today that the previously multi-format Nier (now known as Nier Gestalt) will now only be released on Microsoft's console.

Or at least, that's how it's being loosely reported in the Japanese media, with a fresh batch of screens for the game only mentioning the Xbox 360, with the PS3 nowhere to be seen. Now, either this is a Lost Planet 2-esque marketing ploy on the part of Microsoft, or...

...or the other Nier game teased in this week's Famitsu, Nier Replicant, is destined to be a PS3 exclusive. One game for each platform. Seeing as there's no further mention of Replicant other than a Famitsu ad, we've pinged Square Enix asking them to elaborate, and will update when/if we hear back.

UPDATE: Square Enix told us that the Famitsu advertisements—which advertise what looks like two separate Nier games—"do not affect the North American version". Hmm.


    God help us if MGS4 ever does come to the 360. The PS3 fantards would suddenly be calling it "worst game ever, bloated, and more of a movie than a game".

      We could only hope PS3 fanboys would make such factual statements about it, the reality is probably much grimmer.

      Not that 360 fanboys are any better, what with actually believing halo is at all noteworthy in terms of gameplay.

      Fantards... what an idiot you are...

      For starters... we have demon souls...

      Secondly... we have demon souls...

      Who gives a crock about a black and white game called noir.. what a joke it is and you are...

    Square Enix hasn't made a decent RPG since FFVIII anyway, i couldn't care less which platform gets their releases, bit of a giant f*ck you to Sony considering their history though.

    Honestly, as a Squeenix fan and Sony fanboy, take this steaming heap of game. FFXIII is where it is. FF vs XIII is what I'm waiting for. Unless they start releasing better info, screens on this game, MS can have it.

    @ womble - You sound a little hurt MGS4 never made it to the 360... Well, with this new iteration, your problems will be solved... NOT! I have no interest in a Cyborg Raiden MG game. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't be hurt if Konami made THAT one a 360 exclusive either... Next!

      "@ womble – You sound a little hurt MGS4 never made it to the 360…"

      Since I have the game for my PS3, no, not particularly hurt.

      My comment was about the need for fanboys -- but PS3 fantards in particular -- to dismiss games that are no longer exclusive to their pet platform.

      i.e. a game suddenly, somehow becomes much less valuable to these people, the instant that it can be played on other machines.

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