NieR Screenshot Shows More Flesh Than It Should?

Heroine Kaine in the upcoming Cavia-developed, Square Enix-published RPG NieR is a male-female character that gives players the best of both worlds. This latest screenshot is revealing a little too much, some claim.

Various Japanese sites are stating that this Kaine screen shows off the character's areola. Embarrassing enlarged screenshot below.

Breasts in gaming have perked up since, well, there have been games. What makes this particular nipple slip different is that the character is both male and female — obviously having masculine and female traits. Is this a male areola or a female one?

If we say it's male, then it is akin to male character Snow appearing shirtless in Final Fantasy XIII, giving players an eyeful. If it's female, then the game's rating could actually change. Let's not forget that both male and females have areolas!

Because of the gender ambiguity and the fact this is not actually a nipple per se, it'll be interesting to see how Sony and Square Enix handle this — whether or not, images like this will make it into the final game.

スクエニ新作『ニーア』のヒロインはチクビが見えている!? [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]


    It's a she. After an encounter with some outworldy source she has developed into a hermaphrodite.

    Well the fact alone that those are breasts, which makes do not have, would make it a female areola. Or am I the only male without breasts?

    square enix: redefining man boobs

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