NieR's Hermaphrodite Character

Like female characters? Male characters? How about both? You know, a two-for-one.

The Square-Enix-published Cavia-developed action adventure NieR stars main character NieR and his AI-controlled partner Kainé. According to these magazine scans, Kainé is a hermaphrodite after being possessed during a demo fight.

Kaine's attitude and manner of speech are manly — but her female qualities are emphasised through her racy fashion style.


    It was only a matter of time with square.

    My wang is confused.......

    Umm just because a woman speaks in a manly fashion doesn't maker her a hermaphrodite. That just makes her a tomboy or a lesbian.

    You need both physical sexual organs to be one.

      bạn là một idiot

      Just because a woman speaks in a manly fashion doesn't make her a tomboy or lesbian either. Idiot.

      Reading over the Japanese text, Kaine possesses "attributes from both genders". That to me is quite clear that Square intends this character to be a Hermaphrodite.

      I'm not sure why people are so offended by this. Does this character somehow challenge your sexuality?

      The problem you're having is that you (seem) to not understand that the Japanese language is gender-specific. Its not like in most other languages where the words, phrases and type of language you use is gender-neutral (like English). Its not like saying 'he' or 'she' but its certain words, and the way you phrase those words that is either 'masculine' or 'feminine'.

      Its not so much a girl talking in a 'manly' fashion, like a girl talking like 'one of the guys'. What they are saying is that 'she' is using the 'masculine' Japanese phrases, which are indicators of the gender of the person speaking, as opposed to using the feminine which would make more sense based on appearance.

      Its a very subtle language thing, the only example i can think of in English is the very 'flamboyant' types of homosexuals. But even that isnt right because its implying sexuality, not gender.

    Square's been a dead company to me for a long time, and this just reinforces that.

      Because they include all parts of society into their games?

      So what you're saying is that only 'regular'people are allowed in games?

      I think your comment just exposes you as a small minded prude.

        thats not what they are saying at all, read the post properly. They are saying they havent been enjoying any of squares recent releases.

      why? i have found many recent square games like Last Remnant, Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean and even this game to be very enjoyable.
      Only difference I am really seeing is the change from more turn-based battle systems to a more action based one. I do prefer a decent turn-based one myself but I am not letting that get in the way of playing some very enjoyable games filled with rich deep story lines. If its the action style you hate then you must not like Zelda very much as to me they have the same feel.

      Anyway, another brilliant masterpiece, sadly my only negaitive is how ugly the main character Nier is, could have made him look awesome.

    "Her, his, its Kaine’s"

    As a transgender reader, this line is incredibly offensive. The overall tone of the article isn't great, but referencing gender variant people as 'it' is extremely offensive and dehumanising.

    The term hermaphradite is also considered pretty offensive, but is pretty overshadowed by the above.

      Hey Jamie, apologies for that. To be honest, I'd only given the post a cursory glance and hadn't really noticed that line. I've reworded it.

        Thank you. =) Kotaku is usually a great site to read and I love it, so it's jarring when something like that peeks out. =)

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