Nintendo Announces Official Wii Price Cut

Nintendo have just announced a price cut for the Wii in both the US and Japan, putting an end to weeks of speculation.

In the US, the cut will take effect on September 27, and as expected will see the console go from $US250 to $US200. Not only will the Wii drop by $US50, but will also include for the first time a Wii Nunchuk peripheral, which previously had to be purchased separately.

In Japan, the reduction will kick in on October 1, and see the console dropping from 25,000 (AU$313) to 20,000 (AU$251).

This marks the first time Nintendo have officially reduced the price of the console in any market since the console's launch in 2006. That's an impressive run.


    watch them fly off the shelves over christmas now.

      I guess the Wii Fit and Sports Resort will be on the #1 spot even longer.

    Please, please, please let this translate into a reduction to 299AUD over here.

    It'll probably be $350 here. If we're lucky.

    It's still too expensive. I may consider getting one if they come up with a HD version, and it's below $200 AUS.

    We always had the Nunchuk in box.

    Pricedrop would definitely motivate Xmas sales- I can see it as $400 bundle with M&S Winter Olympics and/or New Super Mario Bros already...

      that nunchuck thing is kinda wierd, seeing as how the US and Japan are heaps bigger markets than ours... for once we aussies have come out ahead, i guess i shouldn't be complaining though :D

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