Nintendo DSi Now Comes In Hot Pink

pink-nintendo-dsiAnd also metallic blue, apparently. But we all know it's the pink you're after.

Nintendo announced today that September 24 will see two new colours added to the DSi range in Australia: pink and metallic blue. They join the existing black and white editions of the top-selling handheld.

Gotta say, the pink would look fabulous with my Chanel handbag.

Here's the metallic blue one, too.



    I want to see a yellow DSi. That would be cool.

    OMMMMG PIIINKKK!!!!11!11!

    And that metallic blue one looks just like my Cobalt Gameboy SP did. Ah, memories.

    LOL!!! XD i've got a hot pink one. IT'S SO AWESOME!!!

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