Nintendo Files The Trademark To End All Trademarks

Well, we can stop watching trademark filings now. Nintendo has officially registered "The Last Story," so from here on, no more can ever be told, right?

Siliconera noticed the filing and has few details other than the words involved. They do, however, note that "The Last Story" is registered in Japan, albeit with English words. "Nintendo usually files names for upcoming games in Japanese… unless the name is tied to an international release. For instance, Nintendo registered the rights for Glory of Hercules in English a few months before they made an official announcement."

Whatever this game is, 'The Last Story" means a total blank to me. Could be an adventure title for the core. Could be a licensed tie-in for the kids. What do you think Nintendo's "Last Story" should be?

What is Nintendo's 'Last Story?' [Siliconera via Go Nintendo]


    It's nintendo's answer to final fantasy, obviously.

    I'm gunna go with secret doomsday plot

    It's a game that when 1000 people play it online at once, will cause all competing consoles connected to the Internet to die.

    Nintendo will remote activate RROD on every 360 online simultaneously. And whatever the PS3 dead error is.

      Good thing no Nintendo game could handle 1000 online people at once. Nintendo hasn't really figured out what the internet is yet.

    That they're secretly run by sony. hahaha. that would be funny.

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