Nintendo Releasing New Wii Sports Resort Bundle

At present, you buy Wii Sports Resort for $US50, you get the game and a single MotionPlus accessory. But next month, you'll be getting a little more for your money.

Starting October 12, the game will come packed with not one, but two MotionPlus accessories. Of course, you'll be paying more for the pack—$US60—but $US10 for a second MotionPlus is a good deal.

Big week for Nintendo-related price issues, this!

Kotaku AU Note: We'll let you know if Nintendo Australia announce the same deal.


    It's not really any great news. When Resort was released Dick Smith was selling it with a second WM+ for free.

      That was at Dick Smith's discretion. This is an official Nintendo bundle.

    Why this wasn't the case from the beginning is beyond me.

    It's only really worth $10 anyway to be honest, its a little plastic thing. I mean all Nintendo accessories should be priced between $5-$20. They are plastic and boring white.

    Please tell me this is a troll. BECAUSE IF SO! You win!

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