Nintendo Won't Let You Call A Wii "Firearm" A "Gun"

From Hitler moustaches to "sweat" in Mortal Kombat, Nintendo have a long history of over-reacting to violent content in video games. So it shouldn't surprise you that you're not allowed to call a Wii peripheral a "gun".

Speaking with Game Informer, Activision's Jeff Muench has said that when branding and promoting the amazing peripheral for the Wii version of Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010, the company were prevented by "some obscure Nintendo regulations" from calling it a gun.

Instead, they had to call the large, gun-shaped peripheral made solely for use in a game where things are shot, a "firearm". Which means exactly the same thing.

It's semantics gone mad.

Hunt's On With A Pair Of New Cabela's Games [Game Informer]


    What about the game with "Hand Cannons" lol. If anything hand cannons are worse then calling them guns.

    LOL firearm instead of gun. How amusing. Nintendo are such babies. Grow up.

    Yet Nintendo didn't have a problem with the entire Resident Evil back catalogue of games being remade for the Gamecube?

    Nice 'firearm'. Now all we need is 'Buck Hunter' and it's spin offs. That game chews $2 coins constantly at the pub.

    Can't upset the kiddies or the oldies now do you.

    Ah Nintendo......The gaming industry's Disney.

    Oooh, that came off kinda catty....I feel sullied and unusual!



    Oh my. I work at a GAME store, and the number of people... "Is there any kind of gun accessory for the Wii?"

    Will I be able to point them at this? Will Nintendo Ninjas drop from the ceiling and take me away? Or, you know, should I ignore it because those Cabelas games tend to be rubbish unless you're into hunting for real?

    I personally think 'firearm' would be worse than 'gun.' I mean gun is the kind of word normal people use, like kids talking about cap guns or those laser pistols that make noises. Now if someone talks about a firearm, they actually mean a real weapon that shoots bullets.

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