No, Prince Of Persia Movie Is Not In 3D

Imagine sitting in a dark theatre, reaching out, trying to touch a wet and hairy Jake Gyllenhaal. Worth the price of admission, no?

At Disney's D23 Expo, website Latino Review spotted a poster showing Disney Digital's 3D roster. Included in that roster is Prince of Persia. The film was not originally intended to be shown in 3D, so if this Disney Digital roster is correct, the movie is getting a tacked-on 3D transfer.

The only thing better than Jake Gyleenhaal shirtless is Jake Gyleenhaal shirtless and in 3D. No, that's not true. Hamburgers are better than that.

Sadly, this is all a mix-up! Whoever did the artwork for the display totally screwed up. 3D chesty Jake will have to reside in your dreams.

News: **UPDATE** Prince Of Persia Will Be In 3-D? [Latino Review]


    What is with the fascination for 3D movies? I always thought it was just a novelty offering (me) nothing more that a headache.

    Let me guess - Hollywood needs something (no matter how cheezy) to draw people away from DVD and back to the cinema?

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