Not All Video Game Industry Sales Are Slipping

Video game sales are down! There is doom and gloom! Wailing and gnashing of teeth! The sky is falling! Unless, that is, you're in the accessory or peripheral business.

A comparison by Gamasutra, using NPD Group numbers, has shown that while software and hardware sales in August 2009 were down on 2008's numbers, sales of "accessories" increased by 2.3%.

Of course, that did little to stem the overall year-on-year bleed for the industry as a whole, but still, it's nice to find a positive amidst all the doom, no?

NPD: Behind the Numbers, August 2009 [Gamasutra]


    Ughh.. Nintendo & that thing that came with Wii Sports Resort. Probably has something to do with 2.3% rise.

    I'd say Nintendo make up majority of the accessory percentage.

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