NPD: PS3 Sales Gain Ground On Price Drop, Nintendo DS Still Tops

August video game hardware sales were, like most of 2009, down from the previous year. But at least PlayStation 3 sales were up considerably from the month prior, selling almost twice the amount thanks to a mid-month price drop.

According to the NPD Group, Sony sold 210,000 PlayStation 3s in the US last month. With a $US100 drop taking effect at some retailers as early as August 18, that likely translates to a price conscious boost in sales.

While the Nintendo DS saw a month-to-month drop, the Wii got a rise. The PSP and Xbox 360 also saw minor boosts from July's figures.

  • Nintendo DS - 552,900
  • Wii - 277,400
  • Xbox 360 - 215,400
  • PlayStation 3 - 210,000
  • PSP - 140,300
  • PlayStation 2 - 105,900

Total hardware spend for August was $US297.60 million, according to the NPD Group. That's down from $US395.34 million from August 2008.


    "Microsoft needs something up their sleeves. Fanboys aren't enough, you know."

    Even with a massive price drop that all the PS3 fantards said wasn't necessary, the 360 STILL sold more units than the PS3, even after people put off their PS3 purchasing decision.

    Yeah, Microsoft need something up their sleeve. I'm sure they're just sweating over at Redmond...

    Thats price drop for the old Fat PS3. People wanted a slim so they had to wait until September

    I agree womble, I would have predicted that the PS3 should have beaten the 360 by a comfortable margin considering the hype over the new design.

    Looks like Nintendo must be laughing about the war between sony and microsoft, they are just fighting over the scraps.

    In my opinion, it just seems that Sony was too used to victory and just assumed that they would win this generations game war by default. They are too busy trying to be the leaders with too many different fiels, blu-ray, tvs, games, portable entertaintment, etc. That's just too much and I think they are losing site on the PS3.

    Not very big numbers at all.

    Keep in mind, these are the August sales figures, so we won't get to see how a full month of the Slim does until the September report. I predict it will overtake the 360 by a fair margin. Could come close to the Wii even.

    all i need to say has been said

    "Thats price drop for the old Fat PS3. People wanted a slim so they had to wait until September"

    The PS3 Slim will outsell all consoles.. maybe not the DS though in September.

    This article only shows sales from the price drop of the Fat PS3 and a few days of the Slim on sale - if some retailers released it early.

    September will be the main month the Slim goes on sale. So expect it to outsell the 360 & the Wii. Most definitely. I even expect a minor rise in PSP sales. That has been given a minor decrease in price & also with Sony hot in gaming press right now, it can only be good for the PSP.

    Don't forget, the 360 had, not a very large lead, but a healthy lead on the PS3 in the previous months for US Sales. So this chart & sales for Sony is great. Especially when stock was limited and the prices were slashed.

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