Obama Namechecks Xbox Once Again In Speech To Kids

Obama Namechecks Xbox Once Again In Speech To Kids
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President Barack Obama is once again tossing the old Xbox under the bus, naming Microsoft’s console in a speech to schoolchildren today, implying it might interfere with their education. Or maybe this is just smart product placement…

“I’ve talked about your parents’ responsibility for making sure you stay on track, and get your homework done and don’t spend every waking hour in front of the TV or with that Xbox,” Obama said today, according to prepared remarks offered by the White House.

Oh sure, first he doesn’t want us to become ever-softening sloths by exercising instead of sitting on the couch all day, controller in hand. Now he wants us to study and not play our Xboxes even more, an inalienable right outlined the Constitution (probably). I’ll check but it ounds like we’ve got a fanboy in the White House. After all, he is a Wii man.

At the very least, the President’s comments about the console helps illustrate its popularity, giving this generation its blanket console name at the highest levels of government.

Prepared Remarks of President Barack Obama – Back to School Event [Whitehouse.gov]


  • Its a long stretch, but. . .
    The President making negative comments about the Xbox? Specifically naming a product? Couldnt MS sue for defamation or something?

    Guess he doesnt name the Wii (even though theres millions more of them out there) because you have to ‘exercise’ a little to play it.
    And he doesnt name the Playstation because he knows theres no good games to play on it anyway.

    Yeah, I said it!

    • Defamation, seriously? We might as well be accusing Obaba for defamation of the television too.. I think people are overreacting by the very fact that Obama mentions the Xbox, since it’s pretty clear to me that the point of his statement to children is moderation. I too don’t think it’s a good idea to ‘spend every waking hour in front of the television or with that Xbox’.

  • he doesnt say Wii (dispite owning one) nor Playstation (dispite it being the higest selling brand of console in the world) because they are both made by Japanese companies, the xbox is Made by M$, a US company.
    American PRIDE FTW!

  • I’m not just saying this cause he is dissing on video games..

    But seriously, what has this dude done? NOTHING!
    Obviously i don’t live in the US to pay close attention to his every move. It doesn’t make news here unless its something BIG (which has been never). But he is just THERE!

    Okay, Bush might have been a douche. But he actually did something with his power. Invade 2 countries. Obama seems to be just talking to little children who aren’t old enough to vote or give a shit.

    He only got voted in because of the colour of his skin and because he wasn’t Republican. If he was a Republican, he still would have won. I don’t mean it in any racist way – but its true.

    Maybe this guy should actually look at some shit going on, like Climate Change, the War in Iraq, Health Care that the worlds most powerful country (oh hang on, is that Russia or Nth Korea) cannot even PROVIDE for its citizens.

    Okay, he have a few billion to some companies for the recession. Thats a touch of a button made possible by the people below. Last i heard, a bunch of US Soldiers killed around 100 Iraq citizens last week. Yeah well done Barack Osama. How bout instead of waiting a year or two before pulling your troops… you just stop them from patrolling every fricken street and start re-building what your country did.

    • “Maybe this guy should actually look at some shit going on, like Climate Change, the War in Iraq, Health Care that the worlds most powerful country (oh hang on, is that Russia or Nth Korea) cannot even PROVIDE for its citizens.”

      So… basically you’re saying he should do what he is actually doing? Before criticising him, try reading up on what he’s actually doing. You’ll learn something.

    • Ok this is just stupid.

      Firstly, the Australian media doesn’t focus so much on Obama not because he is doing nothing, but because Australians are far more concerned with Australian issues foremost like the economy, politics, social issues and the environment. As such, issues involving America have to fight it out with the rest of the world, and with much more dire issues to Australians such as the arrest of Stern Hu it is not surprising that the media doesn’t focus on Obama.

      Which is just ridiculous, of course. Not only is he doing a lot more than Bush did in his 8 years as President, he’s doing it better. By ending the war in Iraq, they can focus on the war in Afghanistan that had been heavily under-resourced previously. It has a much higher priority as well, now that Iraq is somewhat politically stable.

      It’s not true that he got in because he was black. A lot of conservative areas like Texas are filled with red necks who would most certainly have not voted for Obama. Conservative areas (sorry, terrible with geography) also count for more than the ones with Democrats such as New York, which is why Al Gore lost to Bush despite having a higher vote count.

      Err, Obama is doing something related Climate Change and Health. With climate change they plan to implement a scheme similar to Australia’s, with one key difference being a definite exclusion of anything regarding agriculture. Regarding Health a universal health scheme is going through congress, which if you ever watched Sicko (though heavily biased) will understand is sorely needed. Unfortunately Congress is a bitch where unlike Australian politics party members often disagree with their own bill, meaning it takes a lot longer for new policies to be passed.

      Belittling what already little you know, exaggerating what is controversial despite the fact that no President could have avoided it, and offering weak solutions to a difficult operation; you are clearly misunderstanding both Obama and the World for the wrong reasons.

  • It’s a good speech and we can see Mr. President is trying to encourage the kids to staying in school and getting up with more education. What’s wrong of that?

  • I don’t think that he was ordering us to not watch t.v. or play an Xbox. He asn’t threatening our rights. SO I don’t think you should’ve said anything about our rights.
    I disagree with Obama singling out one video game console. He should’ve chose his words more carefully.

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