ODST Sees Nearly One Million Players On Its First Day

According to a widget box at the front of Bungie.net, close to 950,000 people had played Halo 3: ODST on its first day of release, logging more than 5 million games. Yes, those are impressive numbers.

As of the time this post was written, ODST's 24-hour figure for total players was 949,306; the 24-hour total for games played was 5,708,031. Divided out, that's six games per player, on a school night/in the middle of a work week. And you know there were some out there blowing the curve and staying up all night with this.

For comparison's sake, Halo 3 saw 1,340,550 games yesterday, so, ODST more than quadrupled that. Some have tried to hazard quick guesses on ODST's first day sales; we'll wait for NPD. But if this is any indication, yeah, it's probably gonna do land office business.

Halo 3: ODST Logs Over 900,000 Players in One Day [Joystiq]


    I'm loving it, but the lack of Firefight matchmaking is nearly unforgivable. Am I missing something, or is it actually impossible to play online matches with random people?

    firefight is with friends and recent players only. no matchmaking as it works on the same system as halo 3s single player co op.

    Yeah the thought of playing multiplayer as an ODST with ODST weapons would have been cool. I also thought the Sgt Johnson unlock code would have hime fighting alongside me not for me to play as him. I expected that if you played on your own you would get some help in firefight with bot allies making up the rest of the 4 players.

    I'm finding it pretty tough making it through to the second set.

    Aside from that I am still enjoying it. I found the early reviews I read to be overly critical. Personally I liked the way the story was told in a little disjointed fashion jumping between characters but I agree with the reviews that the Rookie should have had a voice and some personality when interacting with the other team members.

    Thanks to ODST, I got Dead Space: Extraction cheap.

      Hopefully, thanks to ODST, I'll get a DSi cheap.

    Firefight doesnt need matchmaking imo.
    I dnt like the idea of playing it with whiney 8-year old kids and Americans who make the game impossible to play because of lag.

    ODST is a good game though, and I also found the early reviews to be overly-critical.

      I definetly prefer playing with friends instead of 8-year-old american fanboys, absolutely.. but I was hoping for a bit of random matchmaking just to find people worth playing with. If it wasn't for playing with randoms, I never would have found the friends I have to play L4D with.

      But since my last comment, three of my real-life friends have bought the game and are on nearly every night with me, so I am no longer complaining :)

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