Oh Good, More Doritos Games For Xbox Live Arcade

Cheesy indie advergaming returns to the 360, as Doritos announces the return of the "Unlock Xbox" video game design competition, calling creators to capture the essence of the snack chip in video game form.

Last year's "Unlock Xbox" winner, Doritos Dash of Destruction, was downloaded nearly a million times, so while we endlessly poke fun at the contest, it is a way to get your skills recognised by a large chunk of the gaming community. Those who feel they have a game concept that merges cheese-flavoured corn chip and interactive entertainment in a way never-before-seen can visit www.unlockxbox.com from now until October 4 to submit a video of their idea. Ten quarter-finalists will be chosen to make their games reality. Two finalists will have their titles made into 2010 Xbox Live Arcade games, with one grand prize winner scoring a $US50,000 gaming consultant project from Doritos.

"We are always looking for new ways to connect with fans and give them unique opportunities to express their creativity in a way only Doritos and our partners can deliver," said Ann Mukherjee, group vice president, marketing, Frito-Lay. "Many of the people who love Doritos also love gaming, and this innovative program gives our fans a chance to live their dreams."

You heard the woman. Live your dreams.


    As much as people laugh at Dash of Destruction I've got to say its a million times better than the junk we normally get.
    What would you rather, high energy 'gaming' Doritos or a cheesy little game/ad you can waste half an hour on? The game isn't mindblowing but its great to see them actually take a legitimate interest in gaming instead of treating us like losers who will go nuts for some lame CG mascot with big boobs (like most other marketing aimed at gamers).

    Dash of Destruction is like DogMan said, much better than alot of stuff that actually makes it onto XBLA. Better than games worth 800 or MORE MS Points.

    I had fun playing the game even though it only takes like 10 minutes and the achievements are way easy to get. But its cool and it was free.

    I don't know why people would mock a free game >.>

    anybody who downloaded the doritos game just for acheivements couldnt possibly call themselves a true gamer and keep a straight face

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