Oh, So There IS A Singstar: Beatles...Sort Of...

A few months back, MCV claimed a SingStar: Beatles game was on the way. Harmonix then said it was a "misheard rumour". Turns out they were both right.

Meet The Beatles: Rock Band: SingStar, for the PS3. It's a mouthful, we know, but it's also real, and constitutes one of the strangest franchise couplings we've ever seen, what with the two franchises being competitors and all.

It includes a copy of The Beatles: Rock Band and a pair of wired microphones, all the while carrying the branding of both music franchises. You want extra instruments? You go get them yourself.

It's out later this month, is definitely targeted at the older crowd who are more likely to sing than hold a plastic guitar, and is most likely for PAL regions only.


    This will sell PS3's, to our parents.

    All of our parents.

    This is a lot like Big W bundling in the Lips mic with Beatles RB for $20 more. Wish I'd know about the bundle before I got the game, it's a decent deal since the mic is overpriced at $50 by itself.

    It's everything anyone with a full band setup needs to play 5 players. Make that the oldies or the hardcore (who haven't bought it yet?)

    So do these Mic's work with Rock Band or the Lips Bundles work with Rock Band on the 360?

    Otherwise its just pointless unless you own the Lips game or Singstar games... But then why would you want Singstar mic's for Rockband if you already have a Rockband mic/Rockband already has its own mic.

    I would say the same for Lips mic but they seem okay with the shake & it turns on or something. But same thing goes...

    Sucks its with the wired mics. I want to pickup a set of wireless mics for myself.

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