Okamiden Kicks Cuteness Up A Notch

Got a reservation or two about Okamiden. Namely that it's on the DS (was hoping for PS3), and that it's not Clover (well, Platinum) making it. Got no reservations, however, about how damn cute the new hero, Chibiterasu, is.

Look at him! My heart melts just thinking about looking at him. Or her. Probably, her, actually, but until we get a good "rolling on its back" shot, the jury's still out.

The above cuteness is courtesy of a new set of screenshots and artwork from the latest issue of Famitsu, which you can snuggle up to below.


    I'm pretty sure it's a girl, Amaterasu Omikami is a sun goddess in Japanese mythology. So I'm sure they'd keep it close to the original lore

    Yeah it looks like a girl, the hair is a bit of a give away.

      Kawaiii. Wonder who the daddy is, Oki? one of the Canine Warriors?

        Someone over at IGM said it was Waka, which is going to cause a riot if said anywhere else.

        I don't mind Chibiterasu being cute, though the image of Amaterasu carrying the smaller wolf in her jaws won't go away.

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