OnLive Public Beta: It's On

OnLive, the games on demand service that we first told you about this past March, has entered its promised summertime beta phase, letting PC game players test the potentially game-changing system for themselves.

Steve Perlman, OnLive founder and CEO, announced the beta today on the service's official blog. Beta registrants who signed up early should keep an eye peeled for an e-mail, but latecomers interested in testing the streaming games service should still take the opportunity to sign up.

OnLive beta hopefuls should ready some "general information about your ISP, your computer configuration and your location" so that the company can determine your worthiness as a beta tester. You'll also be asked to run a "performance test" to doubly verify your beta usefulness.

Let us know how it goes eh? Curious to see if the public experience is on par with the behind-closed-doors experience.

OnLive Opens the Beta Program [OnLive Blog]


    Really excited if things go well.

    Would it work fine though in Australia?

      I really doubt it. Latency is the killer for this thing, and I doubt they're going to bother testing outside of the US till its closer to go-time. Certainly not in Aus anyway.

        I doubt the service will ever be available in Australia (beta or otherwise). Quite capital intensive service and they wouldn't roll it out internationally without first making sure it's a profitable venture.

        I would think that we would be better suited for testing, to see how we stack up against america, and how and if their servers could handle the bandwidth and such to provide a smooth running service for overseas consumers. but, with the upcoming censorshp and our general shit quality of internet, I doubt this will be worth it. Also, I can see this whole service going down in flames. Too similar to Steam IMO

    The problem with Australia is the way internet plans are structured.

    If we want streaming super-duper resolution video, it's gonna take a huge chunk out of our download cap. In the states, its OK, as they have unlimited downloads, but here, it just won't work (unfortunately)

      @Michael Pannunzio:

      You're right on the money. I wouldn't be surprised if it makes it over here at some point (some of the larger department retailers in particular may just view it as another games console and buy up stock), but it'll be an unmitigated flop for the exact reason you outlined.

      On the unlimited downloads in the US thing; I remember reading somewhere a while ago about one US ISP (might've been Comcast) contemplating the introduction of download caps somewhere in the region of several hundred gigs. You should have seen the ensuing outrage! Oh the humanity!
      I just laughed and shook my head.

    Yeah whats with that. I don't exactly know the "normal" or "average" broadband scheme in America.

    So what is the difference between us and America or the UK etc... and why does everyone say we are so far behind? Last i heard, or read, some article said we had one the greatest broadband networks in the world.

    I suppose if we don't get servers for the most played games online like Halo 3 or CoD4 - then we won't get this then. Well not perfect like the bloody yanks.

    Why don't COD4 or Halo 3 have Aus Servers? Are we not important enough. Is it the price? I'm pretty sure the games have sold enough in AUS to warrant some sort of attention to our online gaming.

      We're not important enough; insofar as our gaming populace is extremely small (Compared to the states) and thinly distributed geographically.

      Big country -> Small, widespread gaming communities = Expensive roll-out -> Why bother.

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