Operation Flashpoint Trailer: Watch Stuff Get Blown Up

Everybody loves a good explosion. And text flashing on blank screens is nice, too.

Actually, the explosions in Dragon Rising might not be what you're expecting, based on past war video game experiences. The developers behind the game did research, you see, and concluded that explosions are more about smoke and oily fumes than about fire and debris.

That's not the only streak of realism the game is going for. Check out our preview for some of the other ways Dragon Rising goes for authenticity and keep an eye out later for a rant about the one thing the game doesn't get right when it comes to rendering the reality of war in a console shooter.


    Looks pretty sweet. Graphics look amazing too. Definitely be trying it out and hope there is a demo to go with it. Awesome that its on console, just hope ONline is good.

    To me, Battlefield: BC was just crap online. THen again, i didn't really feel the campaign neither.

    Seems more "warfare" and camouflage looks like an important role. The problem i had with COD4 is that the enemy would spot you if you tried to go prone in tall grass.

    Battlefield Bad Company is an awesome online game.


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