Papercraft Link Is Enormous, Lifelike

Are there plans and printouts for this life-size Link? You bet there are. There are also plans on the Internet for atomic weapons - doesn't mean I could build one of those either.

Holy Hyrule this thing defies words. Haywan of PaperCraft Museum is responsible for this. Looks like it even has a detachable shield and sword (and scabbard?) - and heck, that makes the plans worth a try by themselves. (It could be the creator photographed himself playing with them before affixing them to the model.)

There are more pics in the gallery, even more at the link. Check them out, they're chock full of awesome.

Life-Sized Link by Haywan [PaperCraft Museum via GoNintendo]


    That is pretty damn impressive. I want one.

    If it ain't made with a single sheet of paper, you'd might as well use paper mache.

    too much time your hands: you has it.

    I wonder how much someone would pay for one of these?

    it looks like it's made directly from the computer model's texture map.

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