Paul McCartney Hasn't Played Beatles: Rock Band

A big fuss was made of the mere fact Paul & Ringo were at Microsoft's E3 presser, but less fuss was made of the fact they looked awkward and out of place. Almost as if they couldn't give a shit.

Now, that may be true, it may not be true, we'll probably never know. But when you hear Paul McCartney say stuff like this, well...

I haven't, actually [played it] . I'm kind of, you know, looking forward to playing it. My excuse is, I play guitar. I was on the real record. So the idea of pushing buttons and things in time is kind of slightly intriguing for me, but it's actually more interesting to do a show like this...[gestures towards crowd at concert] .

You mean over the past 18 months nobody ever put a controller in his hand? Must be a generational thing, because if somebody was making a game based on, well, me, I'd want to at least have a go.

How the Beatles got ready to conquer the world - again [The Observer]


    Of course he doesnt care. he's 67. He probably never plays video games. hes seen his music used in MANY different contexts, this is just another one. Who cares if he couldnt give a shit. He has better things to worry about.

    Please do not let him play he may just start a new career in gamedesign...

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