PAX Cosplay Round 2 - FIGHT!

Day two has come and gone at Penny Arcade Expo and the cosplayers were out in full force. Let's check in the with latest.

In terms of sexy costumes the booth babes prevailed again. However, a Cammy-like one we saw back at TGS in 2008, certainly took the cake in terms of girl that could definitely kick my arse. With the massive amount of cosplay around here we can say that PAX's most popular theme is groups coordinating to dress up like red and blue teams from Team Fortress 2. But we can't forget the rogue cosplayer groups such as an authentic Chun-Li and Sam Fischer.

Stay tuned for the epic conclusion tomorrow as Fahey takes the reigns and wraps up our PAX 2009 cosplay sightings.


    I wouldn't kick her outta bed if she farted.... And I don't usually go for blondes. Now, if that were a red-headed cammy............. :-P

    Pip boy dude is AWESOME!

    The douchebaggery in these comments is staggering. It's freakin' cosplay. A hobby. These characters are just that, characters, make believe, you know, pretend? People dressing up for shits and giggles and showing their love of these characters not for you douches to decide whether or not they're attractive to you.

    Seriously, on a gaming review site, no less. Please, the hypocrisy and utter ridiculousness of these crass comments are ludicrous. Let's not delve into the stereotypical gamer's physical attributes or in this case, the lack of emotional/psychological maturity.

    FYI: I actually know some of these people and they are wonderful, open minded, NON-JUDGEMENTAL humans. Go figure. I, however, am a harsh, bitter defensive one when it comes to my friends.

    Thank you, to those who realize we do not live in a fantasy world of pixels and airbrushes. Oh, wait , some of you DO.

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