PAX Cosplay Round One - FIGHT!

The doors are open and the cosplayers are out at this year's Penny Arcade Expo. Here're the highlights of the first day.

The Killzone 2 guy is by far one of the better non-sexy costumes on display, while Pyramid Head leaves a lot to be desired (like an actual prymid, perhaps). In the sexy department, the booth babes lead the charge, but mad props should be given to Bubble and Bobble as well as to Talm and Blue Link.

There's lots more to look at, so be sure to take your time perusing and hit us up tomorrow for round two.



    (Blonde + Brunette)

    If those girls have ever played a video game in their life, I'll eat my joystick. ;-)

    A pretty clear example of booth babes passing themselves off as cosplay, for marketing reasons.

    Still, mustn't -- can't! -- grumble. :-)

    "ODSTs, YEAH GET SOME"....wish i was a real ODST :P

    That Bang Shishigami costume is SICK!

    I know I'm probably going to get pegged as racist for this (FYI I'm not), but why do people insist on cosplaying characters that they have completely different skin colours to? No matter how much work they put into a costume, if their skin colour isn't anywhere near the character's that they are cosplaying, they're going to look like crap.

    For example, the Akuma cosplay above. While this certainly isn't the only complaint I have about this cosplay (I believe the guy is wearing jeans, ffs), he looks a bit ridiculous because of the fact that his skin colour is completely different to Akuma's. People know what Akuma looks like, and since the point of cosplay is attempting to look like the character you've chosen, why would he attempt to cosplay as someone he is never going to look anything like?

    Now, looking at this guys facial structure or build, he could probably pull off an awesome Balrog/Boxer or even a decent DeeJay, if we want to stick with the Street Fighter motif. And I certainly wouldn't be faulting his cosplay if it were for a Halloween costume on Halloween or at some dress-up party. But as a proper cosplay at an event like this, he really isn't going to pass as a good Akuma.

    *ends rant and erects flame wall*

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