PC Sales Charts: Yeah Yeah, Aion

With the game now out, you'd think sales of MMO Aion would have died down. That maybe it was one of those "get in early" types of games, with sales dying down once it was released. Nope.

NCSoft's MMO is still #1 on both the Steam and Direct2Drive charts, to the point where it kept the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum out of top spot.

PC Digital Download Charts For The Week Ending September 19


1. Aion Collector's Edition (Pre-Sale) 2. Batman: Arkham Asylum 3. Resident Evil 5 4. Star Wars Jedi Knight Collection 5. Garry's Mod 6. Left 4 Dead 7. Red Faction: Guerrilla 8. Aion Standard Edition (Pre-Sale) 9. Counter-Strike Source 10. Champions Online


1. Aion Collector's Edition (Pre-Sale) 2. Champions Online 3. Batman: Arkham Asylum 4. Fallen Earth (Pre-Sale) 5. BioShock 6. The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena 7. Need for Speed SHIFT 8. Star Wars: KOTOR 9. Majesty 2 10. Aion Standard Edition (Pre-Sale)

[via Shacknews]


    Seems a little odd that a pre release game can even be in the charts, I mean you haven't actually bought anything yet.

    Regardless Batman Deserves the top spot, it's gotta be a contender for Game of the Year thus far. It's an epic title.

    Dont worry about it. Just the standard MMO tourists.

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