PC Version Of Borderlands Delayed

The 360 and PS3 versions of Gearbox's shooter Borderlands are coming along nicely, and are still expected on October 20. But the PC version, well, it's slipped a little.

Because Gearbox are "optimizing the PC version", a process "which takes a few days longer than expected", the North American release of the PC version of the game will be out on October 26. For those outside North America, this means their version has dropped back to October 30.

Borderlands Gets Slightly Delayed [Borderlands]




    Well I guess it could be worse, when was PC dragon age coming out? July? NICE.

    At least this is Gearbox and with the delay we will see the game out in the same month.

    If this were Valve, we'd be lucky to see it this year.

      least it ain't Mass Effect either for you PC Gamers...

      You clearly don't know Valve, the leaders of digital downloadable content delivery for PC who have always put PC first. They just delay all their titles on any platform.

    This is more like a delay to optimise sales and curb piracy in the first week (the time when 90% of those intersted buy the game), rather an "optimising" period.

    Beats the hell out of getting a new PC game that doesn't even friggin run.

    Look at Far Cry 2 (mind you I had no issues, but many did) and GTA4! They we're utterly FAIL when they first released. And still carried over many annoying console things like those blue flashing save boxes in FC2 which were completely pointless when you could do the same thing in nowhere near the time ANYWHERE in the map by pressing the quick save key!

    Its annoying as hell now that games get ported TO the PC rather than FROM it.... I'd rather wait than suffer a shoddy product.

    Ah bloody hell. Oh well, at least it's not like a month or two or three or four or never like it is with a good chunk of other multiplatform games out there. It's not cuz they decided to do a shitty port over to the PC and realised, oh, we should at least try to make it less shit than it already is, is it?

    Rather a game that worked properly. NFS Shift on the PC is dog. There's already a patch out, and it lags for some people on i7 machines. The fu..?

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