PlatinumGames On PS3 Bayonetta: Sega Did It

Don't blame PlatinumGames too much for the potential failings of the PlayStation 3 version of Bayonetta. According to the company's CEO Tatsuya Minami, that ball is in Sega's court.

When Sega showed off the PS3 version of Bayonetta at an event in Tokyo late last month, spectators were disappointed by the blurry graphics and erratic frame rate when compared to the Xbox 360 version. Tatsuya Minami discusses the issue in a blog post today on the PlatinumGames blog, explaining that Sega is the company handling the PS3 port.

With Bayonetta, we created the Xbox 360 version of the game first, and then handed off all the data and other assets to SEGA so they could begin the process of porting Bayonetta to the PS3, giving them advice regarding the porting process along the way and overseeing the progress to ensure that the PS3 version would be the best it could be.

It seems a bit like blame-shifting, but Minami takes responsibility shortly after that explanation while specifically addressing the difference in the two versions of the game.

As the developers of Bayonetta, we have overseen both versions, and I would like to make one thing clear. The Xbox 360 and PS3, as hardware platforms, both have their own distinct differences and peculiarities, and these characteristics will naturally give birth to differences in the final product. However, all involved endeavoured to exploit the specific traits of each console to create an enjoyable experience. We feel the best way to evaluate this is by actually playing the game for yourself and coming to your own conclusions.

Both versions will be playable in the Sega booth at the Tokyo Game Show next week, so we'll be sure to put them both through their paces for a little compare and contrast, drawing our own conclusions.

Fall Harvest [PlatinumGames Blog via EuroGamer]


    no suprise here.just about every major dev prefers working on the 360.seems platinum cudnt be arsed wiv the ps3 port so passed it to sega.

    ahh pretty sure working on 360 version first would be the best business decision with the much larger install base.... It's like making a game for PC first before porting over to Mac, you go for the big market first then hope to pick up some extra money when you port it for the smaller markets.

    Btw i'm no 360 fanboy (i have a PS3 and no 360) just a realist!

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