Play Console Games On Your PC

With my 360/Windows control pad and flood of "ports", I play plenty of "console" games on my PC. But if Spawn Labs' new HD-720 (catchy!) works as advertised, I could be playing many, many more.

It's a set-top box which you plug into your console, and then connect to your home's wireless network. Once hooked up, that's it; you just stream your console games over wi-fi to your PC.

We have no idea how the thing performs, but do have an idea on price: the box is $US200, with a $US20 fee for an adaptor (360, PS3, PS2 or GameCube) on top of that.

[Spawn Labs]


    um... if you own the consoles and games anyway who gives a toss.

      Yeah i know why would you want to play on ur pc if u have a console.

      Exactly, why should we ccare? It seems like you're just using your monitor to play them instead of a TV.

        No more fights over who gets the tv.

    So this is a way of using your computer as a monitor for the console? No thanks.

    I foresee lag...

    I can't see this unit selling well at all.

    You want to play on your computer? Get off your fat ass, unplug the console from the TV & plug it into your PC monitor.

    And why would you play from a remote location outside of the home??? (Good luck getting a low ping down under)

    Very select audience if you ask me.

    Pretty pointless lol, just get a VGA Cable and slap it in your monitor.

    This invention is like welding an anchor to my car. Sure it might work but why don't I just use the brakes?

    This is bloody stupid, you can just plug your console into your PC monitor if you want to play "console" games on your "PC" without paying for extra hardware... bloody idiotic.

    can i be the 1st to say lol!!1! and WTF?

    the real question here is can you get a HDMI + HDCP 1080p monitor for less than $220US?
    YES you can.

    $200? May as well buy an extra console.

    Hang on, aren't we playing console games on our gigantic LCD HDTVs? Why would we want to play them sitting in front of our comparatively small computer screens?

    The couch is so much more comfortable...

    ^ Agreed. Already requiring a console to play console games on your PC kinda kills the purpose of it. If it could play console games without a need for a console however, it might be a consideration for me :P

    It looks like a slow and unnecessary way to transform your PC into a glorified KVM that probably won't do the job that well unless you use compatible controllers

    Superfluous, thy name is HD-720

    There are MANY PC fanboys who would want this. But no thanks, can't stand PC gaming.

    Perhaps they should develop the opposite to what this does... then i may be interested.

      Yes, make yourself sound stupid by calling everybody 'fan boys'.

    When my gf is using the telly I currently connect my PS3 to a PC monitor through a HDMI-DVI adapter and plug the component sound into the line-in on my sound card and out the PC speakers (you can have different outputs selected for audio and video on the PS3).

    This would make my life a little easier I suppose.

    I own a ps3 for ps3 games and a pc for pc games and console games/99% of 360 games that are also on pc.

    I don't want this crap and I don't understand why any self respecting pc gamer would either.

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