PlayStation Network's Typical User Is 28, Male, Educated, Moneyed

Are you the typical PlayStation Network user? It depends on whether you match the criteria shared by US PSN director of operations Eric Lempel to the publication Video Business.

Lempel was discussing the PS3 and PSP's PlayStation Network, which Sony says now has more than 12.5 million users. (It's unclear if the current count includes people who have only registered online to use the PlayStation forums and not through Sony gamign hardware.)

VB : Who is the PlayStation Network audience?

Lempel : Right now, it's primarily male. The average age is 28 years old, in usually the middle- to higher-income range. They over-index against those with graduate degrees. But it's expanding. What we're finding ever since we've introduced services like the video download service, we're getting more of the household on the PlayStation Network. Some of the top rentals and sales on the video side have been content that probably doesn't appeal exactly to that 28-year-old male. It's more those movies that are geared toward women.

For the record, I have a Master's degree. I guess I'm middle income? And I'm 32 as of this writing.

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    28 - for another 2 weeks. check
    male - last time i looked. check
    educated - masters. check
    moneyed - enough to buy a ps3. somewhat check

      yeah i'm pretty much the same. 32. educated. male. and doin fine on the $'s side of life. not rolling in my wads of money but also not eating out of the neighbors garbage bin either.
      playing on psn also suggests that the average age is around the 25+ mark. sometimes you'll get the under 20yo acting like a clown.
      xbl on the other hand is full of pimply faced little shits trash talking while mum and dad arent around. making the game unbearable to play.

    28 years old - Yes
    Male - No, but I'm married to one. Does that count?
    Educated - I can spell; that's better than half the XBL users.
    Moneyed - Well, I shelled out the money for the PS3 and my library of PS3 games all while still paying my rent and bills.

    So I guess I didn't make the whole check list, but damnit, I LOVE my PS3.

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