Pokemon Fever Helps DSi Return To Hardware Dominance In Japan

The release of the newer, cheaper, more Gundam-filled PlayStation 3 gave Sony's console a massive boost in the hardware battle in Japan last week. This week, two chart topping Pokemon games give the DSi the number one spot.

In week two of the slimmer PS3's existence at retail, the console sold another 55,000 units. That's close to what it sold the week of the release of the Final Fantasy XIII demo and better than during high profile releases such as Yakuza 3 and Resident Evil 5.

So things appear to be lookin' up for the PS3, but we'll wager that the console's bestselling days aren't yet here. Sometime around December and early January should see the Media Create hardware chart drowning in bright red.

Not a whole hell of a lot of action elsewhere, with PSP and Wii sales down, Xbox 360 sales slightly up.

  • Nintendo DSi - 66,498
  • PlayStation 3 - 55,344
  • PSP - 18,375
  • Wii - 17,568
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 11,179
  • Xbox 360 - 7568
  • PlayStation 2 - 2612


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