Pokémon Menstrual Pad, Yours For Eight Bucks

If you're an environmentally conscious Pokémon fan on the rag, or know someone who is, have I got the gift for you.

That, dear readers, is a blue flannel custom made Pokémon-themed menstruation pad. Don't worry, Pikachu won't end up like Sissy Spacek in Carrie, he's on the other side of the battle. I think.

I think. Hell, I'm less qualified to talk about menstruation than I am about Warcraft. I haven't had a serious girlfriend in four years, and she preferred tampons. Handmade, washable menstrual pads seem to be a green alternative to buying up Stayfree and chucking them in the landfill. But Pokémon?


Flannel 10.5in Regular Cloth Menstrual Pad - Pokemon w/ Navy Blue [Etsy, via Kreemzeek]


    So pretty much the chicks will be using pikachu as a bloody reusable diaper.

    reusable pads = Fucked up

    thats actually the lesser known 10,827th pokemon - ragomon

      Here I was thinking it was the Pokemon that you could only find once a month...... Imgrumpyatchu!

    those things come as reusable? thats effed in the a

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