Pokemon Sells Nearly 1.5 Million In Two Days

DS titles Pokémon Soul Silver and Heart Gold went on sale in Japan on September 12. Pokémon DS games? Bet lots of people bought them.

In they're first two days on sale, Soul Silver and Heart Gold sold 1,408,980 copies of the game. The title sold out at locations across Japan, so the demand is even higher than those sales indicate.

The games are remakes of Gold and Silver, which sold 23 million copies worldwide.

『ポケットモンスター ハートゴールド・ソウルシルバー』発売2日でミリオンを突破 [ファミ通.com]


    I love how people bag out games like Madden for being the same thing over and over, and then swarm on pokemon like flies on shit, as if it's anything different.

      True, but if you really look, the vast majority of games released today are just rehashes.
      A- Because there's a limit to how much creativity one can imbue given the video game medium; and
      B- There's no room for originality in today's cut-throat market.

      Of course there's a difference between trying to create something new, and not bothering at all.
      *cough* Activision *cough* Nintendo *cough* *cough*

      Totally understand what you mean and wherre you are coming from. But c'mon. You are comparing Madden to Pokemon.

      At any time, they can add new pokemon. A new world or whatever, characters, story and its different. Feels the same but different.

      What can you do to Madden? Add a nifty replay system, change the commentators, add the newer players to the game. SAME THING!

      I bought Silver when it came out, never got gold. Was the last Pokemon game i ever played. That was back in Gameboy Colour days. WHen i actually liked Nintendo. Wonder which colour sold more...

      You can tell Pokemon will eventually take over Mario in sales. Seems like the love for Pokemon will never fade. It's awesome, theres still that Pokemon fan somewhere in my heart.

    Fan translation VS. official western release.

    Let the race begin!

    Pokemon fan here, 17 though. I was reading IGN one day to understand why pokemon' sales are so high and never faded. I totally agree with what they typed. (It applies to a wide age group because it is both a casual and a hardcore game.) For the casual side of it, it is the looks and how you play it casually. If you play it tactically like knowing the evs and ivs and battle strategies, training and battling becomes the hardcore of the game.

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