Powerful New Weapons Plague Liberty City

Sticky bombs, advanced sniper rifles, automatic shotguns, exploding bullets and a rocket-equipped military grade helicopter known only as "The Buzzard", all in this special news report from Liberty City's Weazel News.

These new weapons are coming to Grant Theft Auto IV by way of the Ballad of Gay Tony and the Episodes from Liberty City standalone DLC compilation. I don't know about you, but there is something amazingly compelling about walking the streets of Liberty City equipped with sticky bombs.


    Looks awesome, it may be what I need to get me back in to Liberty City... but one problem being is I own a PS3 not a 360!!

    So when do they start bringing out this sort of content for the PS3. From what I have read the 360 bought 3 exclusive episodes from rockstar. Does anyone know if these are timed exclusives at all?

    Oh well... L.A Noir will be a whole new game for the PS3.

      Considering the amount of time LA Noir has been in development, and the fact that it's not a Sony funded property any more, I think it would be fairly hard to recoup costs if it wasn't a multi platform release.

    The 'Buzzard'. Yes, please.

    I play GTA on PC, the platform that spawned the series. It is also a lot closer platform than PS3 to 360, so I just dont understanf why it doesnot come out on PC? I askes a Rockstar employee recently if there were any plans, gfot the usual "Only on 360, at this stage". I am hoping it may come, like the Fallout3 DLC. Come on and give this stuff to the platform that launched the sries and is it's rightful home!

    man i wish this was on PS3... :(

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