PS3 Bayonetta Not Looking So Good

At an event held in Tokyo over the weekend, Sega invited gamers to come and witness the debut of Bayonetta on the PlayStation 3 in all its blurry, stuttering glory.

Up until now, Sega and Platinum have chosen to show off Bayonetta on the Xbox 360, and judging from 1UP's reaction to the title, the reasons why became readily apparent this weekend at the "Feel Bayonetta" event held at the A.I. Tokyo bar. The good news? The PS3 version exists. The bad news?

While the 360 version on display looked crisp and smooth, the PS3 version was very blurry and the frame rate was all over the place. During one portion of the demo, a crazy scene where you are jumping off of falling parts of a giant clock tower, it was often hard to keep track of the action because of the graphical issues on PS3.

Disappointing news, but Platinum still has plenty of time to polish the PS3 version *checks watch* for North America at least, and hey—there's a Japanese demo coming soon. Can the Western version be far behind?

Platinum Shows PS3 Bayonetta, Announces Demo [1UP - Thanks Swift]


    why would they bother showing a build of the game the is not up too scratch? don't they think that this info will get out and potentially harm sales on the PS3 especially with a new brand like this one. just seems unprofessional to me.

    So the PS3 get's the shaft again, huh? I wouldn't mind betting there were some finacial incentives behind this.

      This is a very common story. It is constantly reported that the PS3 is a harder platform to develop for. Do you really think a developer would put out a sub par looking version of their game on PS3 for a few bucks? that sounds ridiculous.

      To me it sounds like sony making a very complex piece of hardware and not supporting the developers.

        When the PS3 was initially released it was true that it was hard to develop for. That can't be said now though as the quality of games are getting better and better with some very high quality games out already.

        What is still true however, is that the PS3 is difficult to port to. But, that can be said of most games ported one way or the other.

        XBOX360 games that are ported to PC are very regularly sub-par, and that's porting between two similar platforms.

          I dont know much about game development but i do know a little about business so it makes sense to me that studios develop games for the 360 first since it is the more popular system. I guess it isnt profitable to develop the same game for the 2 systems from the ground up so the ported ps3 version loses every time. Me? Ive got both systems with many games for each and ive never seen anything on the 360 that can match uncharted 2's graphics. Until i do, im saying the ps3 can crank out more juice.

    Yes, I think we all know by now that the PS3 is a poorly thought out piece of kit.

      Yet there are so many PS3 games that look and run fantastic - so that excuse is bullshit

        the games that look fantastic are generally given good support from sony themselves. the games that dont get the same support tend to suffer...just like bayonetta

    The 360 is the one that's a "poorly thought out bit of kit". What's the failure rate again?

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