PS3 Firmware Q&A Addresses Glitter, Jingles, Uncharted Problems

The PS3's last big firmware update, from 2.8 to 3.0, brought with it a lot of neat changes. It also, however, brought with it a few niggling annoyances, like a glittering background and the loss of the distinctive Ps3 "chime".

You know the one, it'd play every time you booted up a game and the system flashed the old PS3 logo. It was a nice touch! But now, it's gone, and that (and a number of other changes) have some PS3 users feeling a little shirty.

Enter the PlayStation Blog, who are able to address some user's frustrations, while politely fobbing others off.

On the loss of the startup jingle:

One of the reasons we removed the PS3 jingle is that it was created to indicate the start of a game, but now we're offering non-game content such as Vidzone in addition to games. More importantly though, this change makes the loading time a bit quicker than before, which we think will be a noticeable benefit for all game users.

On the awful "glitter" sparkling away in the background:

To turn the fizz off, go to the Theme Settings under Settings on the XMB, you can choose different themes from here. "Classic" is the default theme without the fizz.

Helpful. On the new, larger icons:

Based on your feedback, we are looking at the possibility of making the changes optional.

That would be great, thanks, it currently looks like my pS3 is set to "vision impaired" mode.

On Uncharted freezing for some users since updating to 3.0:

We're aware of the problem with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune following the latest system software update and have a team working hard to isolate the issue. We'll update further information here on the blog, as and when we get it. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Firmware 3.00 Q&A [PlayStation]


    *under breath* ...i actually liked the glitter....

      *under breath* too the sparkles were pretty

      Its so glittery =) hehe! Actually... i kinda like it as well.

    it took rougly 10 seconds* to find 'classic' in the themes, less time than it would take to make a post about the 'glitter' being annoying.
    makes me wonder if this is just xbot noise.

    Glitter can shake with your DS3!!!!
    ....why don't like it....
    Maybe one day you could train yourselves to use the same tech to shake some (Bi..) of women like in MGS4 and Ninja Sigma2...


    I do hope they allow the text to be shrunk down a little bit. It was the only part of the update that really annoyed me.

    Something to try for anyone having the ps3 lockup issue

    Setting the resolution down seems to limit the lockups

    After the 3.0 update, drake 1 would be playable for about 2-3 minutes.

    I went from 1080p down to 720p, and the lock ups were less frequent (10 to 20 minutes)

    Setting down to 480P seems to have stopped them completely (Put about 15 hours on Drake 1 without a lock up since going down to 480p)

    Hope this helps


      Think I'd rather freezing than having to play it in 480p...

      I found Uncharted used to freeze on me even in the old firmware. Twice it has frozen at the bit where you have to run and gun away from the 'spaniards' after you first meet them. It's frozen on me at other points too.

      I'm staying on 2.8 until they release a fix.

    I mostly dislike the increased font size.

    Do we get the feature to listen to music while gaming? Or are sony still ignoring us on that feature?

    If its for game why not make the jingle only occur when inputting a game? The loading time only takes less than a second, as demonstrated by the youtube clip shown on this site.

    Other than that im quite happy Sony responded with these complaints as i shared many of them myself.

    Didn't address the fact that, by my guesstimate, %70 of users hate the update and would be happy to go back to 2.80.

    I thought the worst thing about this update was the increased font size (why? It was fine the way it was before?!) and the ugly grey boxes around every friend... other than that everything else is fine. The dynamic backgrounds especially are really cool and the glitter to me looks pretty nice.

      The 3.0 update introduced the larger font (imo) for clearer display on a SDTV. Those who couldn't afford to buy a HDTV certainly wouldn't buy a PS3 before the price drop. But by catering to the SDTV crowd they've shut out those with a HDTV who don't want a mega font.

    I don't like the fact that my wallpaper blurs when I access a folder or a media server, that's my biggest gripe

    The only complaint warranted with 3.0 is the Uncharted issue. Rest is just nerd noise about stuff that doesn't matter...

    Glitter never hurt anyone.... except Mariah Carey.

    "this change makes the loading time a bit quicker than before"
    I don't really tell, but frankly I don't care. I love the little jingle.

    Has anybody else got the inconsistent Message Box menu problem. Most of the time when you read a message then press Circle it throws you right out to the top menu, forcing you to go back into Message Box then back into Received, then move to next message. Occasionally however it simply takes you back one step so you need only move to next message and press X. Due to this inconsistency I seldom manage to read all messages, this renders the 'message received' icon at the top right of my screen useless as it is always there, and I never know when I have received a message in my absence. I believe that pressing Circle should only go back one step, the same as the inbox on your mobile phone, or better still, why don't they allow you to press R1 and L1 to switch to next/previous message. I assumed the 3.10 update would fix this, but either nobody has reported it (doubtful) or Sony don't care.

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