PS3 Firmware Update Fixes Uncharted Problems

Sony, in the future, when you release a firmware update, it would be really helpful if you told us all exactly what it was for.

Earlier this month, it became apparent that the PS3's upgrade to firmware 3.0 was causing problems for some people playing Uncharted.

Yesterday, Sony released firmware 3.01. What was it for? They said it "improves system stability during use of some PlayStation 3 format software", something that's said every time a minor firmware update is released.

But, uh, did this fix Uncharted or not? In the comments section of the post announcing 3.01—not the news post itself, the comments section—Sony's Eric Lempel says "Yes, this will fix the issues that some users have experienced with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune."

That's all we needed to know! And this kind of thing happens all the time with PSN updates, with small changes or feature tweaks left to us to figure out.

Hopefully in the future, Sony can explicitly provide this information at the time of the update, so users caught with firmware upgrade problems can know exactly where they stand.

PS3 Firmware Update (v3.01) now available [PlayStation]


    Yes, but if they specifically mentioned the Uncharted fix, they'd be not only admitting their own mistake but many people may ignore this update seeing as they don't own Uncharted.

    I don't understand, whats the deal? Time to google.

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