PS3 Slim: One Million Served

This was lost amidst the other Sony stuff coming out yesterday, but it bears back-tracking: Sony announced during their TGS keynote yesterday that the PS3 Slim has sold one million consoles since launch.

Considering it only launched a few weeks ago, we're not in the holiday buying period and it's still not exactly the rosiest of times for most people's financial situations, that's not a bad achievement!


    There not called "Achievements" they are called "Trophy's" on the PS3. Ha ha ha. Go Sony, hopefully this will spurn on some developers to get some awesome games into production.

    How much is that Trophy worth then?? =P

    Thats pretty good, bridges the gap between the 360 and PS3 by a million i suppose.

    Perhaps SONY should release a new SKU every 6 months, they'll be #1 in no time!

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