PS3 Slim Racks Up Biggest PS3 Sales Ever

In The Land of the Rising Sun, Sony has a hit with the PS3 Slim. A really, really big one.

In it's three days on sale, the newly redesigned console sold 150,252 units. Not bad for a platform that was originally released in November 2006! What's more, this is the biggest weekly sales figures for a console. Because of shortage issues at launch, only* 88,000 PS3s were sold. (*only is a relative term here!)

Just think how the console could have done if launch conditions were more ideal.

According to Famitsu publisher Enterbrain, the PS3 (Slim and original) sold 150,832 combined from August 31 to September 6. The life-to-date sales for the PS3 in Japan are 3,431,964 units as of September 6.

新型PS3国内初週販売台数は約15万台−エンターブレイン調べ [ファミ通.com]


    Regretting getting my 360 right about now

    I know Xbox will never be a Nintendo or Sony in Japan. And if so, not for a lot more years ahead and not with the 360.

    But i really hope this Slim and price drop really puts Sony on the map again against the Wii. it's definitely going to give the 360 a run for its money worldwide now. Espec here in Australia where i think the PS3 and 360 aren't too far apart in sales.

    Same in Europe. But i don't know bout the US. The US seem pretty keen on Xbox rather than PS. Even with the Original, they loved it. Ob. not as much as PS2 though. But i reckon the gap in Europe and Aus for the 360vsPS3 will close a bit and same with the Wii & PS3 in Japan.

    I really hope for the Wii vs Japan. The Wii needs some major kick in the butt really. Hit em where it hurts, JAPAN! Just release some great (by great, i mean crap games that appeal to the Japanese) games like the Wii & DS has there you have it! SUCCESS.

    I wouldnt regret owning a 360.

    I would regret buying a PS3 back when it cost nearly 2x the new price and had no games for the first 18 months.

    Early adopters beware!

      Exactly. Im glad I got my 360 in 2007, and refused to pay 999, then 699, for a PS3.

      Now however...I'll be more than happy to pick one up for 499...or where ever I can get it cheapest.

        Seems to be a few good deals going on around the place. My mate picked up a PS3 slim from JB's for about $490, and they threw in a HDMI cable and KILLZONE 2 for free! Not bad at all! He said somewhere else was doing it for $499 and including the new Batman game as well!! I think it was Dick Smith.

        So yeah, not to bad really! Keep your eye open for a good deal when you are shopping around!

      Sony are the only console maker that has looked after it's early adopters. The early consoles have backward compatibility, which for me, is a nice bonus for jumping in quickly.
      But I guess you can't please everyone, because people always whinge about that too.

      Early Adopters beware? They are the only ones have gotten what a PS3 should be. Card readers, 4 x usb, PS2 BC & Linux support.
      My PS3 is the only computer in the house. I can do everything in Ubuntu with the gaming being done with the PS3.
      I feel sorry for anyone whom didn't get one. In the end your buying a completely gimped unit.

    eb, had a slim plus killzone2,resistance2and metalgear solid 4 for $540

    From 1000 to 150,000.... that's crazy.

    Do you hear that? A change is coming.

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